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   Below are just a few of our success stories...dogs who've found wonderful new homes after being rescued from shelters by the Ace Foundation. We'll be adding new success stories every so often, so be sure to visit again to see more happy families!


Hi Kari and all,

This is late but I wanted to reach out and share with you how much Bruno has changed our lives for the better!!!

10 years ago I adopted my American Bulldog Scully from Ace of Hearts, and he was the best dog of all time!!! So sweet! and loved life and his people with all his heart, regardless of his physical shortcomings.

Now 10 years later I came back to Ace of Hearts to adopt another dog.

We adopted Bruno, as a family dog, now my life is much different, as I now have 2 small kids.

He is like an angel on earth! The kids adore him, he is nothing but calm and patient, even when they act crazy. He is the consummate family protector.

Bruno knows the sound of the bus, and is there every day when my son gets home from school.

We feel like we have won the lottery every day!

I feel so lucky that my kids can experience this kind of unconditional love that Bruno gives on a daily basis. He wants to lay in their rooms till they fall asleep, and they fight over who gets to keep him at night. And we will continue to give Bruno as much love as he gives us for as long as possible!!!

I wanted to share these fun family photos...

Thank you from all of hearts for all that you do!!!!

Emily, Frank, Dylan, Sienna & Bruno

Abby (Leche)

Dear All of our friends at Ace of Hearts.

We are sending pictures of Abby former (Leche), she is such a wonderful dog and no trouble at all, you can see from the pictures her first day at work was a rough one and a lot of naps. She really is a special girl and has just warmed our hearts unbeliveable.

Every one at the rescue has been wonderful from Kari all the way down. The followup has been great.

She said Dr Specs, which is her vet, he fell in love with her. She checked out perfect, did full blood work and everything was great.

We want to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to have such a wonderful dog she goes everywhere and will never be home alone again, ever.

Best Regards
Debbie and Ted


Dear Kari,

My name is Caroline Rose. Ten years ago, I reduced our dog, Riley, from you and Ace of Hearts. Riley is now 11 years old and most likely nearing his final year on this planet with us. I am home sick today and laying here with Riley in my bed with me and just felt the need to reach out to you and to briefly tell you our story and to mostly thank you for all the incredible work you are doing. You are changing lives and I am just fortunate to be one example.

Eleven years ago, when I was 27 years old, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The cancer was everywhere and my chances of survival were not great. With the help of my husband and family, I was able to make it through eight grueling rounds of chemo and radiation and went into remission. The doctors were always very clear that they could treat my cancer but that they could not offer me any hope of a cure. My cancer would come back, we were just not sure when. Three months after I completed my chemo, my husband and I got married just outside of my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Two weeks later, we moved into a small rental house in Santa Monica and my husband started his career with a large financial institution in downtown LA. I was navigating my way through life as a newlywed and a life hanging in limbo. I had no idea when my cancer would come back and I had no clue what to do while I just- waited.

One morning, after my husband left for work, I found myself on my computer doing a google search for rescue dogs in Los Angeles. Ace of Hearts popped up and, after reading your story and your mission, I decided to click on the search our dogs tab. A few pages in, I found myself staring at a picture of a large, goofy looking yellow-lab. His name was Riley and he was around 11 months old. From what I remember, the only information given was that Riley was that Ace of Hearts had reduced from being put down and that Riley was currently living with a foster family. Riley was said to be a loving and kind dog with a ton of puppy energy. The only catch was that Riley did need reconstructive shoulder surgery. He had clearly been severely abused in the first year of his life and this big, pure hearted, goofy dog needed to go to a forever home. Without thinking, I picked up the phone and called. I had to meet Riley.

Four hours later, I found myself in the car, driving to meet Riley at his foster home off of La Brea. This was so out of character for me. I am normally a very organized and planned out type of person. I don’t tend to be spontaneous and normal would have researched and carefully planned a dog adoption. But something deep inside of me knew Riley was special. To this day, the only explanation I have is that God led me to Ace of Hearts and, through you, to Riley. My husband and I met Riley and the next day, brought Riley home. I won’t lie- the first 48 hours were rough. Really, really rough. Riley did not trust me at all. He could barely walk because his shoulders were so mis-aligned. He would not eat or sleep. He kept pacing the house trying to stay as far away from me as possible. I thought to myself- I have just made the biggest mistake of my life. What have I done? And then, it happened. We fell in love.

I had been contemplating going back to work but was having a hard time finding something meaningful. After going through cancer and staring death in the face, I craved doing something truly life-changing with my time. After only a few days with my new buddy, I knew I wanted my job and focus to be rehabilitating Riley. I wanted to show this dog love, I wanted to earn his trust and I wanted to help him through his physical challenges and try to bring him back to life. I quickly realized that Riley loved tennis balls. I mean, really, really loved tennis balls. We started waking up at 5:00 in the morning and going to the ocean to watch the sun rise. He loved trying to run on the sand and would chase balls into the ocean until we had to pry ourselves away from the surf to avoid getting a ticket. The Brentwood dog park became my office. As Riley’s muscles strengthened, so did my new friendships I was making with other dog park dog lovers. To this day, these people are still some of my closest friends. Riley and I became best friends. I learned to understand his not so subtle cues (I have never seen a dog who has loved food more!!) and he learned when I needed more than just a lick. Riley became my therapy. He was and still is the quiet constant in my life. Riley knows when I need his strength and he has never once asked for anything in return.

In our ten years together, Ri and I have been through three rounds of my cancer, two bone marrow transplants, he has put his large head on my stomach for five pregnancies and of the five has met two live babies. He has licked away my tears, danced with me in times of joy, laid with me when I need companionship, guarded my children and kept all of us safe. Riley is affectionately known in our family as goof-ball. He came to us with the name Riley and since our last name is Rose, Riley Rose started to naturally roll off our tongues. We currently live in Pasadena and Riley is famous in our town. He loves the car and is often seen hanging out in the back of my Suburban with the back window raised. The younger children have developed a habit of coming up to my car and rubbing Riley’s head for “good-luck” before school. Riley goes absolutely everywhere with us. Because of my medical history, I was able to get a service dog vest for Riley which is really just his ticket to freedom. Riley has flown back and forth to Texas with us more times than I could count, he has gone to Disneyland, every hotel in Southern California, he played with Mathew McConahey’s dog on a Barbara Walters special as we were walking Runyon Canyon one day a while back, he made it onto several commercials being filmed on our street, he has lived with me at our lake house in Texas when I needed a secluded place to recover from the chemo and has run free at our ranch in South Texas. Riley has run, swam, chased literally thousands of tennis balls, traveled, barked with joy, played so hard he could not take another step, and he has loved. This big goofy puppy that came to us has learned to trust and has learned that he will never, ever be hurt or abandoned ever again. But let me be clear, it was me that was rescued.

A few months back, through the recommendation of a friend, I treated myself to a session with a world-renowned healer. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit nervous to hear what he was going to tell me. I walked into his unassuming condo and sat down on his brown leather sectional. We started by taking a few deep breaths and then we just looked at each other for a few second. A smile slowly started spreading across his face. He lifted his head a bit higher and simply stated, you have a dog. And not just any dog. You have your soul-mate.

I could not have said it better myself. Riley is my soul mate. This healer believes that Riley came into my life that day to take on and carry much of the emotional energy that I was too weak to bear. He said Riley’s job has been to carry me when I was too tired to walk on my own. Yes, we have given Riley a great life but Riley has literally saved me. This dog is my everything. I cannot imagine a day without him. I can’t fathom the thought of his leaving me but I know, deep in my heart, that he will not leave until he knows I am ready. And right now, today, i am not ready. So as I write this, here he is, laying in bed with me, his face gently resting on the bottom of my shins. Feeling Riley’s body weight on my legs is like plugging me into an electrical energy socket. It just fills me up.

Kari, I wanted to tell you this story because I know I am one of hundreds, maybe even thousands, that have benefited because of you. So much is said about the dogs being saved and their lives changing forever which is absolutely the truth. You have saved so many precious, defenseless animals. There must be a special place for you in Heaven. But maybe what is not told as often is the other side- the human side. I believe we all need love and support in different ways. These canine companions come to us and, without one word being spoken, naturally identify with our individual needs and plug into that area of our soul which needs recharging.

Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for making it possible for me to find Riley. You gave me my first child and I will be forever grateful. I pray Riley will stay with me for years and years but I know that someday, i will need to tell him that it is ok. He will need to hear me say that I can handle it, I can take on the energy he has been shouldering for such a long time, that I am strong enough to shoulder it on my own. That will no doubt be the hardest day of my life but it’s a small thing to do for an animal that has served me so faithfully for so many years.

Please keep doing what you are doing, Kari, you are truly an angel.

All our love and thanks,

Caroline and Riley Rose


Hi Kari! Thanks for posting! I just wanted to say Thank You for connecting me with my baby Mina (previously Milla). She is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I cannot imagine life without her! She LOVES cuddling, knows no enemies (unless it a a dangerous possum threatening our backyard), and lives to please. My husband is a self-proclaimed "cat person" and can't leave the house without giving her a good ear waggle and sometimes greets her before me when he gets home from work!
I have included some pictures below - when I first brought her home, she weighed only 55 lbs, but now is about 105 lbs and ALL MUSCLE!
Thank you again and again and again!
Much Love,
Andrea, Cornel, and Mina

Visiting Colorado - Snow is SO MUCH FUN!

Family portrait after our move to Virigina

She gets a little too excited in the car to figure out her seat belt but she LOVES going on adventures!

This was taken shortly after we adopted each other - she's so little!


This is my Oh, you're home early look!

This is me checking out mom's new car, making sure I fit!

Picnic at the beach with mom and dad


Elliot was just in the 2011 Huntington Beach Surf Dog Competition and came in 4th place in his heat. I thought the attached photos and articles might encourage people to rescue and also help out the Bulldog breed. Let me know what you think. I am so proud of him, I am blessed to have him. Thank you, Carol

Ascii 1 & 2

Ascii #1 and Ascii #2 -- Ascii #2 is doing well, his skin cancer seems to be no problem since we caught it early.


Stockton and his new little friend!

On his first hike!

A moment of reflection...

Doc and Henry

Doc & Henry & our lil Yorkie. As if there aren't any other dog beds lying around the house!



Fritts loves his new gal pal!


Scout (formerly Hubbell)

Well Scout's adoption anniversary was last month and I wanted to send you some updated photos of him. One of the photos is actually a mural of him at the skate park where Joe skates. He made it into an ad in Thrasher which is a national skate magazine. The other photo is of him lounging with me in Tahoe. Best of luck with your pooches and finding them homes. We are so happy to have Scout. He's been such a blessing. Thanks, Angie


Peluche's first night in his new home -- look at that smile!

4th of July weekend at the Westin in Costa Mesa; the room came with a dog bed, but he made other arrangements.

Driving back home from Newport Beach
after a weekend trip



Bringing Hailey Home

I don't know how I found Save a Dog or who sent me in the right direction, but I had been walking and petting my virtual fosters daily for as long as I can remember. I didn't have any particular type of dog or location that I preferred, just knowing that a small amount might help kept me fostering and re-fostering. Eventually, I stumbled upon an emaciated dog named Hailey. She had been rescued from a high kill shelter on the day she was scheduled to be put down.

I virtually fostered her and posted her page on my profile multiple times hoping that her sad figure would spur interest in her and the site, but time went on, I kept on re-fostering her, but no sign of her leaving the kennel and being actually adopted seemed imminent. Day after day there was her emaciated body on my screen until one day, I looked at her and said to myself, "What if?" And with that one question the wheels were set in motion. We were already a pretty full house, me, my husband, and our three dogs, so taking in another dog wasn't something we were planning on, but off we went. I filled out the application with the Ace of Hearts rescue shelter in California and next thing I knew, we were arranging a house inspection for approval by a local shelter. Once completed the only thing left was to prep for a road trip. Hailey was in the Los Angeles area and my little family was in Portland. On a fine Spring day in May, we met Hailey at her foster home in San Gabriel and welcomed her into our family. Just looking at her you can tell she's had a rough life. The vets have estimated her age to be either 8 or 9 and she's definitely had at least a couple litters. She has scars all over her body and face from what I can only imagine she must have endured to survive on the streets of LA. Looking at her eyes we initially thought she probably had cataracts, but our vet informed us that it was not, but rather scarring. Well, that's the end of the sad part and I'm proud to say that that part of her life is over. She will never have to worry about where her next meal is going to come from, she will never wont for love ever again. Now she happily curls up on her blanket with a full tummy and a family that loves her dearly. We call it her well deserved retirement. She is so full of love and we are so lucky to have her as part of our family.

-Marci L. Siaw



Theodore and I just wanted to say hi to everyone at Ace of Hearts Rescue. It has been about 2 years now since I took Theo in and we are doing wonderfully here in Czech. Thank you very much for letting me adopt Theo, he is the great dog. I have enclosed a few pictures of Theo.


oh we love Harley so very much! thank you thank you!! he makes the cutest sounds when he is happy almost like he is trying to talk to us! I attached some photos of us spending time together. Thank you again, Nina


Rutherford is home!  Here are the fruits of your labor!



Tiki and Toshi

These are some of the two most  amazing creatures to have graced this earth. Although they are still just  pups, they have personality to rival the wisest dogs. They are only 4 months  old and already they have figured out how to retrieve and are quickly  understanding their names.

You know how the old saying goes, "Leave  your troubles at the door." Generally this saying is associated with your home  problems not coming to work with you, however, most people don't hesitate to  bring their problems from work home, and spend the majority of what could have  been a relaxing evening bickering about how much they dislike their current  job situation. For me, this will rarely happen, because I have the biggest  rays of sunshine welcoming me home this world has ever seen.

Toshi is  the spitfire of the bunch and has grown exponentially over night. She has  already started running with Colin in the middle of the day, whereas Tiki  plays well in the courtyard, and will chase after Toshi. Toshi can now leap  onto the couch, leaving her shorter counter part staring up in longing. We  have thought about stairs for Tiki, but she does so well jumping off of  things, that we hope soon she will be tall enough to jump onto them as well.  For now we simply give her a little boost if she wants up on seating areas.  

We have been separating them for a few hours during the day, making  sure that they understand the concept of being alone. So far, they are doing  fine with the separation, a few whimpers and then back to whatever activity  they were previously engaged in. I have waited my whole life to have a dog,  and I have to be the luckiest person on earth, because I got the two most  loving, energetic, amazing dogs ever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,  you certainly deserve to call your rescue organization the "Ace of  Hearts"!


Alisha Silverstein & Colin Bonfield


Tulip came to us courtesy of Ace of Hearts a little more than a week ago, and from day one she has been a perfect addition. She's a little over a year old, judging by her habit of moving, not chewing shoes, and a perfect lady. We lost our older dog, Etzo, this year, and Paco, our surviving rescue (from ROMANIA, no less!) has welcomed the company with open paws. Apparently she was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Kern County, and was fostered lovingly through Ace right nearby in Echo Park. She's adapted to our routines easily and especially enjoys our big yard, long walks in the local parks, and a weekend on a nature trail in the desert. She's still a bit skittish about passing through our pet door on her own volition, but any day now... Thanks to the whole team at Ace of Hearts for making all of our hearts beat faster! - Tony & Dan & Paco


Hi! I adopted the best dog in the world from Ace Of Hearts about 3 years ago after her having surgery for her eye removal and spaying. When I first adopted her, the vet said she was a bit underweight for a bulldog, and she had a tough time adjusting to the loss of her eye (she kept walking into doorways). Sorry it has taken so long to give you another update on Talluhla, we've been so busy going to the dog park, attending bulldog meet-ups, and just enjoying our time together! Talluhla is the best dog anyone could ever dream of having! At first she was very shy, and grew very attached to me. We had a problem with separation anxiety (which was fixed with the help of a behaviorist and the vet), but she is completely better now. In the past couple of years, Talluhla has gained confidence, and has let her amazing personality shine though. She is a great dog. Her appearance has gotten better now that all her scars have healed and her hair has grown back. She's a stunner! People on the street are always asking what breeder I bought her from, and are always stunned when I tell them, "She's a rescue dog, that was dumped at a shelter and was set to be euthanized". No one can believe that any dog this amazing could ever be dumped off! Anyhow, Talluhla loves to get dressed up and go to dog contests. She loves interaction with all the other dogs, getting the attention from all the people, and of course getting all the treats and bellyrubs!

She currently holds the tittle of "Miss Mardi-Gras 2010" after competing in a contest at the Farmers Market. She also just came in 2nd place at a dog food eating competition at Petco, and she won best costume at a halloween costume contest last year. Sunday she competed in the Bulldog Beauty Contest in Long Beach, and although she did not win (it doesn't matter cause she's a winner in our eyes) she had tons of pictures taken of her that made it into the papers, and a local news station even sat down to have a interview with her! I'm sure if she could talk, she would have thanked Ace Of Hearts for saving her life and placing her in a good home, so she could enjoy each day, like she has been doing. Anyhow, Thank You for allowing me to adopt Talluhla. I love her to bits! I sent a couple recent photos of her. Best, Andrea S.


Clara's new name is now Panda. She's so adorable and we have completely fallen in love with her. She's just such a sweet dog. We are currently in Mammoth and she loves the snow. She even made a new friend!
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful and beautiful dog!!


JoJo is doing great and becomes funnier everyday.  She is quite entertaining thinking that she is a 17 lb. pug.  Burrito thinks he is a 70 lb bull dog!!!  They play together, cuddle together and totally love each other.  Who would have known.  Hope all is well with you both and that Ace of Hearts is doing well.  
The Buffa Family


We just loooooove Rocco (Huggies)– he can be found hanging out with his Grandma and Fan Fan (miniature black poodle) during the day – she cooks all day…..or  sleeping on the couch. My house is full of white hair – I have come to love it - I can’t imagine my life without him.  Thanks for the opportunity.
Love – Carol and family


Hey There…

Just wanted to send you a picture of Maggie!  Remember her?  Here is her brother Max, and sister Chica (Both rescues)

Keep saving the babies!



Just wanted to give you guys an update on Sadie (Missy) and let you know what a great girl she is! She is the sweetest dog ever! She loves to hold hands and will nose poke you the moment you stop giving her attention. She is constantly at my side! She is very social and loves meeting new people, however is a bit unsure about other dogs. She definitely knows how to use her big, sad eyes to get love from people! I've attached a couple photos for you guys!



Hi Kari!

 Just wanted to let you know how well Molly is doing with us.  It's coming up on two years and I can't remember life without her!  She is without a doubt the best dog and the best thing I have ever done.  I can't thank you enough for putting us together :)


Hi Kari. Just a note to tell you Ivory (formerly, “Porkchop”) is doing GREAT. It’s been five years since we flew back to Maryland together, and we’ve recently adopted another Bull Terrier.

He brings out her “inner puppy.”

Thanks again for helping us with the long-distance adoption.

Our lives are so much richer because of you


from Mel's new family:

Ace of Hearts, Kari, Eric, and Mel’s Foster Parents,

Thank You, For bringing Mel in to my life!!  I’ve been visiting different adoption agencies in the area and Ace of Hearts is the best organization I’ve come across.  It’s evident all of you care very much for animals and are mainly concerned about finding loving homes for your dogs.  Eric listened to my “wish list” for a dog and instantly knew Mel would be the right one for me.  I feel so lucky and fortunate to become his new parent. I didn’t think it was possible to satisfy every wish on my list!

Mel is super mellow and gets many compliments every time we go for a walk.  He is all Eric said he would be.

I haven’t heard him bark yet or be the aggressor to people, dogs or cats! Mel is the perfect companion and loves to be loved.

You can see Mel lounged here on one of his soft beds.. Mel, loves to spread out on something smooshy!

I think what all of you are doing is very admirable and I hope you will continue to get the support you need to revive dogs and pairing them with deserving families.


Hi Kari! I just wanted to send an update on the amazing Rosebud, who now lives in our new home in Olympia, Washington. We fostered her for two months (back in the fall of 2005), then fell in love and decided to adopt her.. she is the cutest, funniest, clowniest dog around! We have figured out that she is part Ibizan hound (which accounts for her huge ears and sighthound ways) and part bull terrier. Justin and I are completely attached to her, and she loves her stepbrother Otis the dog, and tries to love her cat cousins Olive and Ringo, though they still swat at her from time to time!

Last year, when we were still living in Los Angeles, she came down with a terrible bacterial infection in her chest known as 'pyothorax'.. the vets think it was caused by inhailing a foxtail or thorn on one of our many hikes. She received top-notch care in the i.c.u. at A.S.G. in Glendale for 9 days on chest tubes, with only a 50/50 chance of survival.. by day three she had that Rosebud spark back in her eyes, and by day 6 she was ready to run around! She has such a intense drive for life, and optomistic attitude, that she actually helped ME get through that terribly difficult time. I just wanted to let you know that she is such a wonderful, funny, happy dog that gets to go for long walks everyday, and run around as much as she wants in the yard with her neighbor dog friends. We live on the beach, and she has finally learned to swim-- she loves it! At night she sleeps cozy and snug on our couch. She is simply the cutest little Rose-bug. Thank you for all of the work you do for dogs-- Sarah U.


Madi Lou

from Madi Lou's new family:

Just wanted to say thank you for brining Madi Lou into our lives. She is the best thing that ever happened to us. Attached are a few shots so you can see how well she is doing. Josh and I were browsing your site and came across Maggie the dog with the chemical burns. It just broke our hearts. We made a small donation. I hope it helps a little with her medical bills. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.



from Roxy's new family:

GiGi, now known as Roxy is doing awesome! She's my baby girl. We've been taking her everywhere this summer. She loves the lake! She is the best wake eater ever! She pounces up and down like a puppy trying to get the little waves. We went swimming in a creek and she got to chase fish around. My boys love her to pieces and she just melts when they lay on her. We love our Roxy. We wouldn't be the same without her. We can't thank you enough for our furry family member.



from Coby's new family:

Robin and I wanted to pass on an update about our successful rescue of Coby the Boxer.  As you know, I fell in love with Coby upon first sight.  I learned in my courtship of Robin, that she takes much longer to admit love than I do.  Well, I assure you now, there is no turning back for either of us.  He has become a loved member of our family, a pleasure in the house and the interest of every passer-by.  Coby is a kind dog that gravitates toward people.  He’s great with kids and has made great strides with other dogs.  People on the street always stop to pet him and comment on his handsomeness.

We are so proud of the work you do at Ace of Hearts.  Your kindness and consideration towards dogs is profound.  You and the volunteers are marvelous people that are improving life.  We are most appreciative of the support and sponsorship Coby received by an Ace of Hearts donor.  As a result of his sponsorship, Coby was able to attend Linn Boyke of Zen4K9’s “Board and Obey” program.  As a graduate of Linn’s program, Coby can now sit on command, run on a treadmill, maintain vigil in his “casa” (also a gift of his sponsor) and socialize with other dogs off-leash.  I highly recommend Linn Boyke for any dog aggression issues.  (

In closing, I should have you know that Robin and I struggled with pregnancy for over 18 months.  Coby’s arrival brought us a new set of responsibilities which helped mitigate our pregnancy focus.  To our delight, Robin is now 3 months pregnant and we’ve had Coby for almost 3 months.  Do the math!  Clearly, our rescuing of Coby was one of the best things that ever happened to our family.

Thank you for the lives that you change


Thought you might like an update on Lily. She is healthy, happy and enjoying the beginning of summer in her poo!.


from Moose's new family:

I have been meaning to send this email for some time now, as I thought you all might be interested in how Tyson (since renamed to Moose) has been doing.

To put it generically, Moose has been a dream. He really has brought a great new dimension to our daily lives. It is hard to remember what life was like before him. In terms of training, once he got used to his new name, he learned all of his commands very quickly. Clearly, the smartest dog in the world. In terms of health, he has also been great. As you can see from the attached pictures, his face has really cleared up. When we first got Moose, we took him to a vet dermatologist who recommended a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection from the allergies. We also changed Moose to a dry raw food diet to which we add cut fresh vegetables. If nothing else, this guy is food driven. The infection has not come back since that one course of antibiotics and the patches of peachiness have gone away. In terms of demeanor, this guy gets along with everyone. Everyone wants to hang out and get kissed by Moose! Anyway, thought you all might want to know what happened to Tyson/Moose.


from Henry's new family:

Henry is doing AWESOME! We are SOOO HAPPY with him.
He is a people pleaser...and loves people and attention very, very much! We love HIM very much! My neighbors have all given me the "approval" on Henry as well !!!
Henry is a super, super dog. I am so happy because I know he will be with us FOREVER because he just FITS IN with us. He is happy.....and he makes us happy. He is spoiled with attention....and should be. Poor dog is EXHAUSTED by days end from all the playing and tail wagging he does!


Earl, sharing a quiet meal with his new buddy:


Just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know that Muffy is doing amazing. We adopted her in February of 2004 from you guys and now we couldnt imagine our lives without her.  She is the most loving, cudliest dog we've ever met.  Muffy's favorite things to do are nap on the couch, lay on top of people, go to the park and, of course, eat!  She still gets along with Gabby great (our other rescue) and they now are inseperable.  Thanks so much - we've attached some pictures of Muffy too. Hope all is well.
Hallie and Adam


from Geisha's new family:

I thought you might like to see these.Thanks again for everything; we
are very blessed to have Geisha in our lives..


from Molson's new family:

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Molson is awesome and we love him so much.
He's super smart and a great dog and we've have taken him everywhere already.
Here's a few recent pictures of him.


Hello there Ace Of Hearts. Just an update on GiGi here in Clovis, CA. She's doing wonderful. A Jewel! She is one of the family! GiGi is doing great. No skin problems and the urinary problems are in the past. She's super healthy and has gained about 10 pounds. She's at 84 lbs. We take her out on a bike ride/jogging every morning and walks at night. She's been on 2 trips with us so far. She got to go camping in Santa Barbara recently and go to my sons first birthday party (all the kids LOVE her).



from Rowdy's new family:

I just wanted to share with you some of the photos we took of Rowdy's birthday party that we had for him back in April (along with his canine friends). We made him his very own birthday cake and he had all kinds of party favors! He had a great time! It's been over a year since we adopted him and we cannot imagine our lives without him. We take him with us almost everywhere we go. He is the smartest dog either one of us has ever had. Sometimes we think he is human! We are waiting for him to start talking any day now! He is so gentle, loving, and well-behaved. We can't imagine why anyone would want to get rid of him. All of our neighbors love him. He is a huge part of the family. Thank you so much for what you do!


from Vida's new family:

Vida is doing great! We have been loving The Canyon Dog Park, it rocks! She gets along great with other dogs, she plays. She'll have moments if another female dog barks/jumps at her but she doesn't start anything. And her and our cat are tooooo cute. Vida cleans/kisses/licks Domino to sleep! They love each other I know it.

Kari, I cant thank you enough for the match you made with us. You have made this happy family feel so complete.


from Skye's new family:

Merry Christmas from Scarlett and Skye! Thank you for rescuing Skye and allowing me to adopt the best dog in the world!


A note from Quincy's new family:

Just a follow up on Wallace AKA Quincy... He's the perfect dog! We no longer worry about strangers approaching him to give him a hug. Ever since we got his little buddy Stempel, Quincy has completely stopped all aggressive behavior! We enrolled both dogs into a basic dog obedience school...Quincy is a fast learner and the most well behaved dog in the class. I wish I could say the same for his little brother Stempel...oy! Quincy snuggles and sleeps with a few of our cats - believe it or not! He only barks when someone has approached our house - great watch dog. He seems to be training Stempel to do the same. Every time we say the word "walk" both dogs start running to the front door and back to us as excited as can be. My husband and I have to say "W" instead of walk so we don't get them hyper! We can talk to him and he moves his head as if he understands...actually, I know he understands everything we say - so we are careful about teasing him. Sounds crazy - huh?!!

I have attached a picture of Quincy and Stempel wrestling - they love to wrestle!! I hope all is well with you and your rescue group. Quincy has been a beautiful addition to our family!

Paddy (Dixie)

A note from Paddy's new family:

Just a quick note to let you know that Dixie (formerly Pat / Paddy) is doing fine and we couldn't be happier to have her in our family! She and Boomer play together and get along well now. We discovered that Dixie likes to chew and play so she now has a big box of toys to help her expend her chewing energy on. Dixie is the sweetest, most loving dog we could imagine having and we are so happy to have her with us. It is terrible to think that this sweet, beautiful little girl might not be with us now had you not rescued her. It was well worth the drive to Los Angeles from Las Vegas to make her a part of our lives! I would strongly recommend anyone consider adopting an adult rescue dog. Dixie is our third rescue dog and all have been wonderful, loving members of our family. We immediately had a personalized tag made for her collar which she wears with the Ace Of Hearts tag and the blue micro-chip tag.

Vinnie (Wyatt)

A note from Vinnie's new family:

Brought Vinnie (now Wyatt) to dinner Saturday night at my cousins' house - they have a foofy little Italian greyhound rescue who's afraid of everyone and everything - EXCEPT VINNIE! Not a great pic, but it demonstrates what a vicious beast he is (i.e. the complete sweetness that you, Mindy, Amy & everyone else involved in saving him has seen...). I am so grateful to you for saving him & connecting us. I can't describe how great he is, but you know...


before after  
Diamond was thrown from a 2nd story balcony and her 2 front elbows were broken on impact. But she's recovered and is now enjoying her new family! Here's a note from her new mom:

"Here is a picture from last weekend of Diamond at the beach with me and Vegas. You have to hold on to her to get her to hold still long enough to take a photo now. A far cry from when she came into our lives! She is awesome. She has learned so much. She knows the usual (come, sit , down and stay) but has also mastered wave, high 5, roll over and speak. I can't imagine our lives without her. Vegas is a little over protective of his sister though and does not let anyone mess with her. The second they are too dominent he gets between the strange dog and Diamond and regulates! We enjoy having her in our lives so much and are very thankful to have her." -- Helen, Vegas and Diamond


A note from Daisy's new family:

We just wanted to send you a picture of our beautiful Daisy. She is doing so well. A good friend of ours is a photographer and took some beautiful pictures of her. I thought you would like to see one. She is doing so great. It took her a while to get over her illnesses but she is doing just great now. We love her so much and wanted to thank you for giving us such a great gift. Daisy is such an important part of our family now we can't imagine being without her. Thank you so much. Our friend takes lots of animal pictures, so if any of your dog owners would be interested in getting pictures taken of their new babies let me know. He would be happy to take them. Hope you are well. Thanks again.

Emily and Sara Turney


Just wanted to give an update and thank you Kari, Christie and everyone involved with Ace of Hearts for giving us, the wonderful gift of a loving companion. Scully is the sweetest most lovable dog I've ever met. We've had him for a few months now, and he has brought so much joy to our lives. He really is perfect and sooo well behaved! He loves everybody, and although people get nervous on our walks because of his size, he hasn't got a mean bone in his body. The best way I can describe him is a big baby. He gets along great with other dogs, never barks at them even when they're barking at him, he gets along with my cat Prince which is what we were worried about initially. He is extremely mellow and easy going, he doesn't mind when we leave, no separation anxiety but always greets us at the door with a tail wag, then promptly rolls over on his back for a belly rub. The funniest things about him probably are what a messy eater he is, (he gets his face wiped just like a little baby after eating and drinking) and how quiet he is. He hardly ever barks and on the rare occasion he does, it's a little muffled through the lips WOOF. He has never once whined since we got him, instead he will paw at your arm to get your attention, like if your sleeping, or if he wants you to pet him more if you stop, it's so cute, but it's one heavy paw! He loves the car, treats, tug-a-war the beach, and his papasan chair more than anything. Here are some pictures from the 4th of July when we went to go see a parade. Thank you so much!!
Scully, Emily and Brian



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